themaskedmountie said: Hope you have a great time and safe travels!

thisismouseface said: have safe and lovely trip!!!!

thank you so much!!! n.n

hey guys i’ll be gone for the next couples of days since im going on a school trip to greece and italy, but i should be back by april 25th soooo yeah this is just a quick heads up to let you know! have a nice easter if you celebrate it, and if not have a nice weekend! 


I despite pointless deaths.


去往九份的路上,雨下得滂沱。遠處的基隆港消失在濃濃的霧氣裏。綠色的階梯旁滿是粉色的小花,無人遊玩的秋千上落著枯葉,野貓只留下一個白色的背影。3月24日,九份,雨。 (by lilian-wong)